Funny Typing 1.6.53

Funny Typing 1.6.53: A tiny utility to make PC keyboard and mouse play funny sound effect. Funny Typing is a cute small program that certainly makes typing a more fun activity. It helps you hear a distinctive sound each time you pressed your keyboard and mouse. Built-in 12 sound schemes for choose—Typewriter sounds, Fighting sounds as Hollywood films, Gun sounds as war games, Abe, Mix, each scheme assigned to all key events.When you press the keys, you will hear a fancy sound which is made by the Funny Typing.

typeSmart Typing Tutor 3.01: TypeSmart is the only truly ergonomic typing tutor, because it uses Direct Reach
typeSmart Typing Tutor 3.01

Learn to type in less than 6 hours. TypeSmart is the only typing tutor that uses Direct Reach.Home Keys is for typewriters, whereas Direct Reach is specifically designed for computers. This halves the time needed to learn to type, and makes reaching the keys so much easier that the risk of pain or discomfort is significantly reduced.TypeSmart is used in many schools, colleges, universities and government organizations.

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